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  Wild Blue Yonder Enterprises Ltd guarantees all work for (3) months - excluding software.

Parts: Where parts are supplied as new by Wild Blue Yonder Enterprises Ltd, Wild Blue Yonder Enterprises Ltd honours the manufacturers' warranty terms and conditions. Secondhand/used parts supplied by Wild Blue Yonder Enterprises Ltd are guaranteed for one (1) month. Parts supplied by clients are their responsibility in terms of warranty terms and conditions.
Any warranty is rendered null and void if, during the warranty period, the case is opened for any servicing whatsoever by any person/persons other than authorised Wild Blue Yonder personnel.

Payment: Work done is normally paid for immediately upon completion. Where this is not possible, payment must be made within (7) seven days of completion. Payment for websites may be in installments but only with the express permission of Wild Blue Yonder Enterprises Ltd prior to any work being initiated. Under this arrangement clients are expected to honour a payment installments plan in agreement with Wild Blue Yonder Enterprises Ltd.

Websites: All work, including graphics, design and creation, remains the sole property of Wild Blue Yonder Enterprises Ltd until the website is paid for in full. Wild Blue Yonder reserves the right to remove a client's website completely if any payment is not forthcoming, or an agreement/payment plan is breached by the client, until such time as the account is paid in full.

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